Welcome to outletpanel.com

Welcome to outletpanel.com,  online fiberglass panel outlet.

email us at - outletpanel@hotmail.com

Now offering RESOLITE first quality fiberglass panels, aluminum, steel and other building components.

We stock many types of roofing, siding, fasteners, etc, but may not be competitive on shipment of metal roofing due to cost of shipping.

We appreciate your visit to our website.

Thanks to the many former ebay customers that purchased panels through our "Bigsprig" ebay store. 

We are once again offering products through eBay-  user name is SWPSHOP.   Items on eBay are for sale,  items on this website vary and may change week to week,  please contact us to discuss your needs.

We invite you to contact us direct now at outletpanel@hotmail.com for current prices and specials.   

We accept Paypal online and MC/Visa/AMEX by telephone as well as company checks,  all items must be prepaid before shipping unless credit terms have been established.

We hope you will be pleased with our selection of panels, louvers,  and building components.

Outlet panel stocks flat, corrugated, and rib fiberglass and panel overruns, seconds, discontinued shapes, odd lots, and overstock panels from various manufacturers. 

All B grade and over run items  are sold as "generic"  we are not allowed to share the manufacturers name or location.

 However, if we discuss your application and recommend a first quality product such as RESOLITE, their panels are guaranteed to meet your requirements or you can return them for a refund.

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Catalog page

Contact us for non standard profiles. You can fax sketch or call with details, we have over 25 years experience with fiberglass and steel panels and can locate many discontinued and odd profiles.
Inventory on hand changes regularly,  so there are no prices or quantities shown.

Current items on hand include:



  • 2 1/2 corrugated clear GREENHOUSE panels
    • 8', 10', 12'
  • 2 1/2 corrugated translucent green GREENHOUSE panels
    • (call for lengths on hand)

  • 4.2 corrugated RESOLITE clear, white, green
    • Gray and white opaque (call for lengths on hand)


  • 7.2 Rib profile translucent clear - First quality and B grade
  • 7.2 rib opaque - gray, beige, green

  • 2.67 corrugated - translucent clear, white, some green,
  • ebay special on 48 inch wide blue green 6 and 8 foot long             

  • R panel (and similar 12") panels- B grade and over run translucent white and clear
    • hundreds of panels in various lengths starting at $10


  • Misc profiles - call for odd panels, V beam, non standard R panels, Varco, Butler, etc.

OPAQUE (non light transmitting)

  • 4.2 corrugated B grade opaque gray
  • 4.2 corrugated opaque B grade opaque white
  • Cooling tower blade and casing panels
  • corner rolls
  • First Quality RESOLITE Gray - 12 ounce - 12' sheets
    • B grade light gray- various lengths
    • B grade white - various lengths
  • 7.2 rib profile opaque panels
    • B grade light gray
    • B grade white
  • V Beam profile opaque - light gray
Accessory page


SCREWS and Sidelap fasteners

B point -  Self Tapping screw- NOT self drilling

pre drilling required-  available in 300 Stainless and carbon steel

NOTE:  Fiberglass panels require thicker and larger diameter seal washer than steel panels

TEK- type self drilling screw

410 series stainless steel available

most stock items coated carbon or galvanized steel

No predrilling required- NOT recommended for RESOLITE roofing applications

drill point length and diameters vary according to application

WOOD type fastener-  for attaching panels to wood supports

Coated or galvanized carbon steel

stock lengths 1- 3"


SB2 or Lap Lok side lap fasterner

used for attaching fiberglass panel sidelaps, endlaps where tapping screw will not hold

require predrilling with 3/8 drill bit after panels installed and square


Lap tape

used on side and end laps of fiberglass and steel panels



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